The articles in the menu above and listed on this page are basics for an understanding of My Philosophy of The Fetish Lifestyle as it applies to My Reality through My experience.

I OWN My beliefs, experiences, and perspectives.  I share them as a public resource.

As Antonio Porchia said:

I know what I have given you; I do not know what you have received.

Domme vs. “dumme”

submissive vs. substandard

Fetish vs. Kink (The Difference Between Fetish & Kink)

What Is ClassicFetish™?

The Importance of Rituals & Protocol

My Philosophy of Fetish

How To Present yourself To A Mistress ~ A Fetish Etiquette Primer for Dominants and submissives

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FREEbook Being a Lifestyle Dominant for Her entire life, The Mistress Didi* has explored various aspects of the BDSM and D/s Scenes including 24/7 relationships, slave ownership, Professional Domination (before it became synonymous with “hoochies with whips) and Fetish Event Planning. The Mistress Didi* has benefited from an extensive education in the functions of the human body and psyche, holds a Master’s Degree in Rehabilitation Therapy and is currently working on Her PhD.